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The new KEO BLADE CARBON is designed to win and improves the experience with spring leaf technology in clipless pedals. This new version is the result of the experience of many years of technical development and constant improvements in daily contact with the greatest cycling champions. As with its predecessor, the click mechanism of the KéO Blade pedals does not require a spiral spring. The tension to click in and out is only generated by a carbon leaf spring. This enables a more defined exit from the pedal and a significantly faster release of the foot at the end of the exit. To satisfy the demands of all drivers, the KéO Blade is available with 3 different release hardnesses with 8 or 12 Nm release hardness. The version with 8 Nm will be sufficient for most drivers, while 12 Nm are suitable for powerful drivers and sprinters who are looking for an extra firm grip on the pedal. Look recommends getting started at 8 Nm to gain experience and, if necessary, to switch to a harder variant. Thanks to a special tool, the leaf spring can be exchanged to change the release hardness.

Thanks to the perfect integration of the carbon leaf spring, the Blade is the most aerodynamic pedal on the market. 2 channels on the sides additionally support the optimal air flow. In comparison to the previous version, Look has optimized the contact surface of the pedal plate on the stainless steel surface of the pedal. With a contact area of 700 mm², the contact area has almost doubled. Nevertheless, the weight of the pedals could be pushed further down by a slimmer axle line and a lower step height.
The double seals and extensive material axle n axle guarantee a long service life, which far exceed the applicable standards.


Technical specifications:

intended use : road bike / triathlon / time trial
Pedal axle material: Chromoly + steel
Pedal body material: Carbon
Material footprint: stainless steel
Footprint size: 700 mm²
Bearings: 1x ball bearing, 1x needle bearing
Freedom of movement: 0 °, 4.5 ° (included) or 9 ° depending on the cleats
Trigger hardness: carbon spring mounted for 8 Nm + additional 12 Nm spring plates (included)
Release angle: not specified
Q factor: 53 mm
Compatibility: Look / SPD-SL sole standard
Weight limit: 100 kg
Colors: black

Weight according to the manufacturer: 220g
Weight weighed: 232g