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Magicshine Seemee 200 Rear light

Original price Rs. 4,225.00 - Original price Rs. 4,225.00
Original price
Rs. 4,225.00
Rs. 4,225.00 - Rs. 4,225.00
Current price Rs. 4,225.00

Most powerful model in the Seemee bike tail light series, the Seemee 200 has a super bright main light and a secondary area light, providing optimal visibility for urban and road cyclists.

200 lumens max main light, 140 lumens consistent, 260 degrees wide visibility from behind the rider, visible from more than 2 miles away 360 degrees visibility secondary area light, forming a circle of light under the rider

180 lumen brake light that lasts 3 seconds, also triggers sleep mode


Auto adjusts flash pattern under smart mode


Low power flash triggered at 5% battery and lasts 20 min


3 brightness modes and 4 flash modes


2.5 – 50 hours runtime depending on mode